星期六, 12月 02, 2006

the Spanked Wife Story

I run a pretty tight ship in my family. My father was in Navy, as I am, and we do not believe in nonsense in the Navy. Discipline is the order of the day.

I have four children, three girls and a boy. They are all strapped soundly when they need it, which isn't that often, as they are pretty good kids. We have a procedure that we have all agreed to for this process. The whole family gets involved. We all troop down to the den and watch while I hike the naughty child over my knee, bare his or her bottom and wallop the daylights out of the child with a leather belt.

This procedure has worked very well and I rarely had to use it, though I certainly don't hesitate if it is needed. I can distinctly remember when we came up with this system. It was on a Saturday afternoon during a family meeting. Larry, the oldest at thirteen, was complaining that the girls never got punished as hard as him.

"Is that true, girls?" I asked.
"No way!" said Rebecca, the eleven-year-old girl. "You spank us hard!" exclaimed Tina, the youngest at age eight. Dana, age nine, agreed.

Of course a large argument broke out. I called for quiet and when I had it I explained an idea I had. "I'll tell you what we can do. So that everyone knows just what kind of punishment the others are getting from now on everyone will watch the other being punished." At first the kids didn't like this idea, but then everyone decided it was fair. We agreed to use the new system them next time someone needed a spanking.

Almost month went by with no incidents. As I said, these kids are usually pretty good. Soon, however, something happened that changed everything. We heard that one of the neighbor kids was caught with a cigarette. Smoking is very forbidden at my house. I abhor it. My wife had to quit before I would marry her.

"Kids," I said sternly one morning after I heard the rumor, "you all know what would happen if I caught you smoking, don't you?" There were cries of "Yes, Father."

I stood in front of everyone and boldly proclaimed, "If I catch any member of this household with a cigarette he or she will be taken to the den and spanked in front of everyone! Any questions?"
"No, sir!"

A week later Larry caught his mom with a cigarette.
I couldn't believe it. "Madeline, how could you!"
"I'm sorry, dear. It was just the one--I haven't done it for months, I swear it!"
Of course Larry immediately reminded me of my promise. "That's ridiculous," said my wife. "He was talking about you kids."
"Dad specifically said, 'anyone caught with a cigarette,' Mom," said Larry boldly. "It's not fair to change the rules now!"
"The kid has a point, dear," I said in my sweetest voice, and Madeline just glared at me.
"If you think for one second..."

I cut her off with a way of my hand. "Larry, go get your sisters and meet us downstairs in the den. We'll join you in a minute." He ran off with a huge grin on his face and I ignored the shocked and rather ugly expression distorting my wife's pretty face.
"Reginald Derek Johnson!" she growled at me. "What the _hell_ do you think you are doing!"
"I'm doing exactly what I promised. I stated the rule--you were there. I can't back out on the rule now. Think of the example that sets for the kids! Besides, I think this will do you a world of good."
"You can't seriously--"
"A serious as I've ever been, dear."

My wife of seventeen years glared at me with malignant fury. "I will _not_ do it. I won't let you. You can't!"
I calmly took her arm in a firm grip and smiled at her. "You have no choice. Either you do this now or I'll paddle your bottom every night for a month!"
She submitted. I could tell she wasn't happy about it at all, but she knew better than to argue with me once she saw my mind was made up. It didn't take long for us all to be gathered downstairs in the den, Madeline looking sulky and depressed.

"Cheer up, Mom," said perky Dana with a broad smile. "It isn't _that_ bad."
"Yeah, Mom. It'll be over quick!" giggled Rebecca.
My wife didn't say a word.

I pulled the old armless wooden chair to the center of the room and took my seat. "All right, Madeline. Please come forward for your spanking." Head bowed, she came forward. She looked ready to spit nails.

"I assume everyone--including you, my dear--is aware of what you have done to earn this spanking?" Everyone nodded. "And what did you do, Madeline?"
She glared at me without speaking for a moment. "I smoked a cigarette," she said finally.
"And what is the rule about cigarettes?"
"No one in this house is permitted to smoke."
"Excellent my dear. And finally, what is the punishment for breaking that no-smoking rule?"
"A spanking."
I nodded. "A spanking. A long, bare-bottomed spanking with a belt. Which you are about to receive. Now bare your bottom!"
My wife didn't move. "Didn't you hear me?" I asked.
"Please, Reg," she begged, her face growing red. "Not in front of the kids. That isn't fair."
"It's just as fair as them getting spanked in front of you," I pointed out. "Besides, you should have thought of that before you decided to light a Lucky. Now bare your bottom or I'll give you a session with the paddle _before_ the strap!"
Madeline slowly began to take off her skirt. With nearly every movement she paused and looked at me as though to make sure I wouldn't let her out of this humiliating situation, but I was adamant. Eventually her skirt was draped over a nearby chair and Maddy was only in her panties.

Now she's filled out over the years but she's still a fine-looking woman. Her bottom is a little softer than it used to be, I suppose, but it's still shapely. I felt myself growing erect just knowing what was to come.
"Keep going," I said. Tears were in her eyes but she obeyed, slowly, inch by inch. Finally her panties were down off her bottom, and then mid-thigh, and in a furious gesture I reached out and yanked them down to her ankles. "Step out of them and get over my lap!"

She obeyed with alacrity and immediately stretched out across my legs. Now I'm a big man but it still felt rather awkward to have an adult lying across my lap. Her big bottom was sticking up in the air, naked and trembling, and I put my hand on it and it felt so silky and soft I just could hardly wait to begin.
I gave her light hand-spanking to start. Just a few dozen wallops to warm her up and get me into the "swing" of things. Then I had Larry fetch me the leather belt. Normally this was something the spankee would do, of course, but I felt some mercy to Madeline was in order. She'd cooperated so far. No sense in making her walk naked across the room to fetch the belt.

The belt is thick and heavy and I measured off a section about eighteen inches long and raised it high above my head and brought it down as hard as I could across my wife's bared rump. There was a loud slap, a strangled gurgle from Maddy, and gasps and giggles from the kids. I walloped my wife again and again and again and soon she was howling and begging me for mercy. I didn't slow down but continued, just like I would have for any of the kids.

I laid down a couple dozen strokes across her ass, a couple dozen across her spread thighs, and then a final dozen across her bottom. She was sobbing when I stopped, my hands casually rubbing the red welted stripes and feeling the tremendous heat radiating from her skin.

"How's that feel there, Maddy? Good and hot? Feel the urge to smoke a cigarette now? No? Good!" I gave her a couple of sharp swats with my hand and lifted her to her feet. Her face was flushed with shame and she didn't even wait to grab her skirt but ran up the stairs as though her ass was on fire... which it was, of course.

I looked at the kids and no one said anything. I think they were all thinking that sometime in the future each of them would be in her position, naked and strapped across my lap while everyone else watched. And in fact, it wasn't that long before Becky made that prediction come true....

But that's another story.